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About Us

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Back in year 2008, In Wedding Bridal House is born from its founder, Anthony Soon's passion for wedding photography. Througout our service in the wedding photography industry, it has always been our vision to rewrite the whole idea of bridal and wedding photography. We are determined to redefine it by advocating creative concept of wedding photography.

At In Wedding Bridal House, pre-wedding pictorial is not longer limited to standing against the backdrop of beaches, blue skies and gardens. We are trying something way different, more daring and very creative. We specialise in unconventional concepts with very specific skills set that is not available elsewhere. Here, we experiment with the seemingly impossible concept such as the floating style wedding photo shoot.

Other than wedding photo shoot, we also provide wedding car and gowns for rent, as well as makeup and hairdo service on actual wedding day. To make sure everything goes right on your great day, we've had it all figured out.

In Wedding Bridal House, We Advocate The Concept of Wedding Photography.

IN WEDDING BRIDAL HOUSE由著名资深摄影师ANTHONY SOON创立,率领一群时尚且年轻的专业摄影团队,积极于视觉上寻求创新和突破,并成功开创情境婚纱摄影新概念。





In Wedding Bridal House

Based in Penang, In Wedding Bridal House provides a comprehensive wedding photography and service package. Besides digital photography service, our studio also provides wedding gowns and suits for rent, as well as accessories, flower bouquet and makeup for the bride and groom.

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